Life is a LeveL Community beyond business; events that happen in lives of people who share common values, beyond business relations. The events that inspire and give you energy and joy, the events that rock. Feel LeveL Lifestyle.

➔ Rest
➔ Travelling
➔ Promotions
➔ Corporate parties

Every prominent business event – be it a conference, a forum or a training – ends with a spectacular party that allows the participants to get to know one another, to relax and to have a good rest after intensive training and solving business issues. Swinging afterparty with its rich entertainment program promote networking and socializing.

Once in a few months LeveL Community holds promotions – a voyage to the most picturesque and colorful places of the world paid by LeveLRich Group, be awarded to the best agents. In 2019, we organized a business tour to Dubai and a Mediterranean cruise.

Corporate parties for LeveL Community employees make them feel at home, get acquainted with the representatives of various company divisions, get engaged and get to know the colleagues better.

Everything we do, we do together and we do our best. Want to blend with a community which is not only about business? Join us!