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LeveL Community is a consulting company, group undertaking of the international group of companies LeveLRich Group, your consultant in promotion by means of network marketing and client marketing.

We assist in the development of commercially successful businesses that arouse consumer interest, that are economically and socially promising.

LeveL Community mission

Our goal is succession, continuous expansion and transfer of knowledge about building an efficient network business from experienced professionals to the younger ones.

One of Level Community’s strategic objectives is increasing loyalty to the holding company of LeveLRich Group at Russian and international markets, network expansion, acquiring new partners, building of brand awareness.

We are equipped with all necessary tools: strategy generation, traffic management, content marketing, PR, analytics, training and, of course, network, or multilevel marketing.

Training in LeveL Community


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Alexandr Ovcharenko

“LeveL Community is the engine of the international group of countries bringing new clients, agents, partners to LeveLRich Group. The key to success are the people.

We are a consolidated team: LeveLRich Group users and employees. This is the reason why we strive to train well the participants of LeveL Community, give them a chance to take part in international conferences and use the advantages of global networking.

An efficient and a successful team is the basis of all activity areas of LeveLRich Group. We do not disappoint those who believe in us”.

Eugene Nechepurenko

“Attention is modern currency. Clients’ loyalty and reputation are the bases of success. Initially we had a vision of LeveLRich as a group of international-level companies and we thought about creating a business community that would promote the brand and the personal development of its members.

The key difference of LeveL Community from other business clubs is that we do not expect to find like-mindedness from the start. Instead, we teach it. We provide with useful knowledge, with efficient vehicle that increase the income, teambuilding skills, promotion skills and sales skills. We also give a choice of what to do with all that: put it on the backest of back burners and get back on track or use it, develop and reach your goals.

LeveL Community balances training and practicing in such a way to achieve synergy: the longer the agents study, the faster they study and reach a new level of achievement”.

LeveLRich Team